Thursday, 18 October 2018

National Shakeout Day

Today is October the 18th which is National Shakeout Day for New Zealand. We learnt that if the Earthquake comes we need to do three simple things: Drop, Cover and Hold. For this activity I worked with Miki and Reneir. One of the things that I learnt was that the first Shakeout day was on October the 18th, 2012. I think it's very important to know what to do when an earthquake comes.

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  1. Tēnā koutou,
    I was in a junior class at a school in Whangarei for Shakeout Day. There tables were very small to get under:-) We practised what to do if you were outside and what to do if you were inside too. They watched a short video clip with them and then they created their own stories. Have any of you ever felt a real earthquake? I was in Christchurch after their BIG earthquake and felt lots of little ones and one quite big one. Thanks for sharing your learning.
    Ngā mihi