Thursday, 18 October 2018

New Zealand Shakeout Day

Today at around 9:30, an alarm went off. The reason it went off is because today is New Zealand
Shakeout day. A Shakeout day happens once every year, this year it was on the 18th of
November at 9:30. This event is a reminder for people who forgot or don’t know what to do
during an earthquake. What we learnt from this is, during an earthquake we have to drop,
cover, and hold. Which means, drop down, crawl under something that will protect you
(Eg: A table), and hold on to it. After the drill finished, we were asked to created a DLO
(Digital Learning Object) about what you’re supposed to do during an earthquake. If you'd
like to learn more about earthquake drills go to this site.

1 comment:

  1. Kia Ora Alex,

    You're work here is fantastic and shows good points about earthquakes along with how all of you worked together to find pictures of an earthquake after cause. Some other slides show how you are supposed to keep yourself safe and away from broken glass and falling debris and even though it is known everywhere but it's still good to show how anyway. An interesting fact is how you actually tell us how earthquakes are caused without me even getting bored but best yet actually making it fun with a good font and a white background.

    Even with the good font and a white background I got to say that not everything is smooth shiny gold especially yours same white colour slides and constant changing lines. By that i mean the facts changing slide by slide and getting silly boring especially since it was getting interesting in the first 2 slides. It mostly comes down by the over district stretching with 8 slides and just stretching out your lines to keep us raing even longer even though that makes us just exit out and go to another blog.

    If i were you guys (And I'm definitely far from it) I would shorten the lines making it a quick and interesting read and keeping to one idea per 1 or 2 slides and on the next slide go to another idea and tick to that. Although i would keep your words on how earthquakes happen because that is the only good thing about this slideshow along with the perfect reign of pictures. Although after all of this it was a good enough read and if you want to you can check out my blog at