Thursday, 23 August 2018

My Pechaflikr|By Coree


This week for writing we were finishing off our pecha flickr storys that we had started on last week. For this writing activity we were working in parters, my partner was Christopher, the first thing we did was our pechaflikr slides then we did the story plan.When we had finished that we voice recoreded each other reading the story plan using ScreenCastify. The fun part about this activity was using ScreenCastify to voice record the story plan, because when we first started we didn't know how to do it. This week our group was learning how to structure or order a narrative story, and we were also learning how to link ideas between paragraphs to make a connection. In this narrative we were working on using strong words to paint a picture with words to not tell what was happening.


  1. Kia ora Coree and Christopher,
    Thanks for sharing your Pecha Flickr story. I really like the images you have chosen, they tell a powerful story. The narrative you have written is full of descriptive words and I can imagine what is happening as I read. I can't seem to play your video to listen to your story - it looks like it is just an image. Can you let me know, by replying to this comment, when the video is working so I can come back and listen. Keep up the amazing work.
    Ngā mihi

  2. Hi Coree,
    I thought your blog post was really interesting. I loved the story that you wrote about the lioness. I found a few mistakes in your blog and some of the pictures blurry but I really enjoyed the information you shared and how the pictures gave me an idea of what it would have looked like.. Happy blogging!