Thursday, 23 August 2018

Why Sleep Is Important|By Ofa

This term we have been working collaboratively within our READ groups to find information that will expand our knowledge about sleep. For this topic we have been answering the questions we needed to answer to create a presentation which will hopefully showcase the amount of learning and skills we have picked up along the way. Since the beginning week of this topic we have chosen a leader who helped us stay on track and made sure that we were worked collaboratively within our group. While we were trying to improve our knowledge about sleep we all partook so as a guideline we used the reciprocal reading technique. In reciprocal reading we have someone who summarises the text, a questioner, a leader, a person who helps clarify confusing material found in a text, and also a predictor. While doing this activity we were asked to book our own guided sessions as we needed help with the question, does technology effect our sleeping patterns and also we were asked to choose a time where Mrs Anderson will help us learn how to infer. To learn how to infer we looked at the rooms children around the world have to sleep in and answered does everyone get a healthy sleep. Our group answered no as some of them are at risk of getting while others are always on the lookout for danger as they sleep in an open space. To summarise our learning we created a presentation which answers all the questions asked by Mrs Anderson. Today we showed all the reading groups what we have done and we all spoke proudly and we were all proud of our efforts. While learning about sleep we learnt that melatonin was the hormone produced in our bodies to regulate our sleeping patterns. I found this interesting because I didn't know that our bodies produce more than one hormone. At the end of our reading sessions we presented our DLO's to everyone in our reading group.


  1. Hi, My name is Charlotte. I go to Westland High School in Hokitika. I really enjoyed reading your DLO. I liked learning about healthy sleeping. I didn’t know I had to get 9-11 hours of sleep. Also it was interesting learning about the side effects of not get enough sleep or too much sleep. I never knew that if you sleep to much you could get a disorder or become ill. I love how in your presentation you have included all people. Such as the people that might not have a bed or sleep outside. This is a presentation. Maybe next time you could insert colours or pictures in your slide?
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  2. Hi Esther here from Westland High, I like how you have stated different types of sleep like REM, I thought that I slept too long but I guess I don’t. Keep posting good work. Feel free to look at My blog ( happy blogging.

  3. Kia ora my names Lydia, I really like your post about sleeping.It's quite useful for when i'm explaining to people why I sleep so much but don’t worry I don’t sleep too much according to your study. What’s your sleeping pattern like? Sleepy blogging zzzzzzz