Monday, 7 December 2015

Problem Solving explained by Zeba

What is problem solving and does it only happen in maths?

Problem solving can be used everywhere not just in maths, for example if your trying to earn pocket money, so you try to do different things such as chores. Problem solving is when you are going through the process to find a solution ( answer). Problem solving can be used in maths by writing down your strategy or explaining. When you are problem solving not always the first solution will work. You would be going through different strategies to find the right answer for your question. Overall  problem solving is used in daily life and is very useful

As part of our maths quick writes we wrote a paragraph about problem solving this activity combined both maths and writing. This helps us so that whenever we do a written test that needs us to explain our strategy and show our thinking. This task helped us in writing as we used our rubric and worked with a critical friend to help us structure a paragraph. 

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