Thursday, 3 December 2015

Making an informed choice

Today we had a PBS vote to see which flag we think should be chosen. Each class went to the polling booth and placed a counter in the bucket under the flag they liked the best. Before we could make a decision Room 5 need to have some facts so that the choice they made was informed (made because they knew the story behind each flag). To do this we used 4 -3 -2 -1 to help us gather our own thoughts, share our thinking and listen to the thinking of others. To help us make connections to this topic we created a list of reasons why we would not choose a flag, then used these reasons to collaboratively write an 'up to 50 word' paragraph that explained this.

The Silver Fern Red was the most popular choice in our class, with the Silver Fern Black coming second. This was because my students felt these flags would be recognisable around the world, they had strong connections to New Zealand's history and could see links to their own and other cultures. 

Which flag would you choose?

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