Monday, 7 December 2015

Problem Solving explained by Evelyn

Does solving maths problem only happen in Maths?
Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Solving maths problem can not just happen in maths it can happen outside the bubble.
When you are at a shop and you needed to calculate up your supplies altogether. You can find a solution to help you figure out what the problem or you can use maths language like if I should add up my groceries, should I subtract my groceries, or should I multiple my groceries.
Sometimes people figure out the answer just like that but likely sometimes the answer can be wrong that when you're adding up number in your head or something you can lose count or lose your solution. Rather than finding out the answer it also about using a strategy that is helpful or explain out the problem.

This is my problem solving, I had to show my thinking and my opinion if solving maths problems only happen's in maths. My answer was No because we do maths in school but solving maths problems can happen outside the bubble like where you go that maybe involves numbers like when you are adding, subtracting, or multiplying the price up together.I have worked collaboratively with my partner Jasmine. We had to comment on each other's slide to give them feedback and advice.

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