Monday, 7 December 2015

Problem solving explained by Sebastian

What is Problem Solving?

Does it only happen in maths?

What is problem solving? Do you know? This is a simple question that nearly every year 7 and 8 can answer this. It’s simply when you are trying to figure out an answer to whatever problem you are solving. For example, when you are given an equation to solve, you usually find the numbers you are working with then you use the best strategy to answer your question. Then when you have your answer and it’s correct, you have just done problem solving.
When problem solving you are working out an solution to your problem and at the same time you are developing your maths knowledge and skills. There won’t usually be a answer or hint there for you, that's why problem solving is one of the most important parts and aspects of doing mathematics.
Not only in maths problem solving can be used, but also in our daily lives. Like when you need to figure how much time there is until you need to do something else. As Well as detectives and when they try to solve the mystery crime or find a solution to who had done it. There is many other problem solving in our lives.

Today for our Maths Quick Writes, room 5 all looked at one question. What is problem solving? Does it only happen in math? Our task was to answer these questions and write and explain about these two questions. We were learning to understand more about maths language because we weren't very good with it.We used the the Rm 5 and 6 rubric and a critical friend to help us with our paragraphs.

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