Tuesday, 8 December 2015

30 kms to Tonga?

Fine, Samantha and Shantay collaborated to create this awesome i-movie that shows why learning maths at school is so important. They used comedy to get a very important message across. Great work girls!


  1. Hi Fine, Samantha & Shantay,
    I really like your movie on why it is important to learn maths in schools, It looks like you guys worked really hard becasue of all that editing. The bloopers were really funny, Keep up the great work :),

    From Oh S'Mar

  2. Hi Fine, Samantha and Shantay,

    This movie was funny but also very educational. It shows a lot of people that they should focus on maths, so when they grow up and come to a situation you showed in your video, then they will be able to know that problem. It must've took a long time to make and edit. Keep up the great work girls


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  4. Hi Girls',

    I really like creating this movie with you guys and I think we did a great job with the edits. Nice job guys!


  5. Hi Fine,Samantha & Shantay
    Your movie is really good it's really funny but at the same time really educational the movie kept everyone laughing and I think you really sent out the message for everyone to know that it is important to learn maths in schhol.
    Keep up the good work

  6. Hi Fine,Samantha & Shantay i love you movue/video it was so funny and it realy made me felt how i would be if how i am now when i go to college ill work better