Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Unveiling: A Recount by Fine

Awakened by the excitement of the scheduled day, my feet moved from the white sheet covers, onto the cold wooden floor. I sat on the edge of the comfortable bed and thought about the day ahead of me. My grandfathers unveiling had been on my mind since the day my mother told me it was an upcoming event, but I think it had been on all of our minds.  The whole family was invited, and yes, I was very excited to see them, but my mind and heart only belonged to the thoughts of my grandfather.

I search for company in the house. Suddenly, as if I were deaf and hearing for the very first time, the house turned into a zoo. I saw my mother, running around with heels in her hand and I also saw my brother, sitting down on the couch, calmly watching movies, until my father noticed and scolded him.  I back into my room and realise that I had better get dressed as soon as possible, otherwise I would’ve probably be in my brothers position. My eyes dived into my wardrobe, searching for a suitable and appropriate outfit. I take a while to put it on and get dressed, but as soon as I’m finished, I can hear beeping horns from the outside.

We’re on our way to the cemetery. All that is going through my head, is my grandfather, and the long dreadful months without him. BEEP! My thoughts about him disappear and I focused on the current situation. I looked around and realised we were apart of a beeping parade. The lights just wouldn’t turn green. When we finally arrive at the cemetery, we hop out with relief.

I could see his grave. The cross - with all my bracelets I once loved - that represents him stood no more. Instead, it lay on my brothers lap. I remember, not being able to move. As if I was frozen, but my mother calls me, and I have to follow. I sat in the front - Where all the grandchildren sat - of the crowd that surrounded his tombstone. The prayers were long and I couldn’t bear it any longer. I waited and waited for the ripping of the black plastic that covered his tombstone. Finally, as I was losing hope, they turned to my brother and said “Leopote Randwick, will you please take the cover off”

Excitement rushed through and around my body. My brother took awfully long to take it off must I admit. But when he did, I sank back into my original sitting position and remember feeling pride. My name was on the tombstone and I can’t remember a time where I had felt so much pride in myself. Although my name was only there,  because I was a grandchild, I still felt the same.

The unveiling had come to a conclusion. The event was vivid. Whenever we visit him, I focus on his picture. His smile is a permanent picture in my memory. I always want to have his smile in my memory. So whatever  I achieve, I achieve for him.

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