Friday, 6 March 2015

Saruja's Recount


Art work
On wednesday all the seniors students had fun with Mr Graham Dodd. All the students have to take sketching pencil, pencil, colour pencil and Book for press on. There were R5,6,7,8 and 9. All the senior student have to sit in the row with their class. Mr Graham Dodd gave us a paper with small dots thats where we are going to draw the lines. When we are ready Mr Graham Dodd said that” we can start”. We have to follow Mr Graham Dodd and we have to copy what he did on his paper. He started to do the lines on the dots, we also started after Mr Graham Dodd  . He did some shading so the picture will show up like 3D effect. When we finish colouring the building, people and the tree. We did the rainbow and all the people rainbow were looked great. Mr Graham Dodd colour the hill with light blue because it was far away. We finish all the colouring and the shade. The picture started to look great. I think all the student did their best and they were following Mr Graham Dodd’s instruction so they got their picture similar to Mr Graham Dodd’s picture. All the senior class room did well because they were interested and listened to the instructions and made a great effect.

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