Friday, 20 March 2015

Ducati's Duffy Presentation

Ducati did a fabulous job today as 'Duffy' at assembly. he spoke clearly and shared a book that he enjoyed reading with everyone. Below is the review he shared. Well done Ducati!

I have read this book and I think you’ll like it too. The name of the book is called Coraline.
It’s about a young girl named Coraline who moves into a large apartment building called the Pink Palace. But strange things are happening there. Miss Spinks and Forcibles warnings, Mr Bobos rat circus giving warnings. But most of all, the door that leads to the same house but the people there have button eyes, and they want her to stay forever. If she ventures too far, she may never come back
You can find this book in the library under G.A.I. in the fiction section because it is the first 3 letters of the Authors last name.


  1. Ka pai Ducati! Well done for sharing your book with the school :)

  2. you are realy good at ka pi duffy kid