Monday, 16 March 2015

Buzzy Bees: Using clues in number problems

                                       This is a powtoon the Buzzy Bees group (Raymond, Tiare, Yvette, June, Jacob) created for Maths. It explains their strategy and shows what it looks like. This powtoon can used as a presentation or auto play. They recommend you use it as a presentation because the auto play plays it faster making the text unable to read on some slides.


  1. Hi Mrs Anderson,
    Thank you for posting my maths thinking group DLO on the class blog. I hope people can take this learning and apply it to theirs.

  2. Hi Bussy Bees,
    I think you did a fantastic work at thinking group because I can see that you all work together as a team.I think Mrs Anderson like your DLO becasue they are looking amazing.
    Keep up the fantastic work!