Friday, 13 May 2022

Statistical Inquiry: Should Covid Vaccinations become Mandatory? by Ayden

LI: To carry out a statistical inquiry  
Kruse and I carried out a statistical investigation to find out peoples opinion on if vaccinations for Covid become mandatory. We made a google form for people to answer their opinion about the question we posed. After we then proceeded to make a spreadsheet to organize our information and we used the sort tool to make it easier to read. Once people had filled out the form we were able to gather information and people’s opinion on to a pie chart. Their were 4 Graph bars. The first graph bar was the gender of Ls2. The second graph bar was the culture students identified as and the third Graph bar was about people’s opinions. For the opinions most students think it should become mandatory because there is a less chance of being sick and people can go more places. The second highest opinion was maybe. Then lastly two people said no because it should be up to the person if they want it or not. I enjoyed this activity because we got to work in peers and hear what people have got to say about a statisticial investigation we carried out.

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