Thursday, 12 May 2022

Kandinsky Art by Leon

L.I: To use colours that relate to your emotions from the music  

For art we painted concentric circles within a square. The art design was created by Wassily Kandisnsky. Wassily Kandinsky is a famous Russian artist who is known for creating art by listening to opera music. Each stage of music would make him feel an emotion. Whatever emotion he feels, he picks a paint colour to describe his feeling. 

He then does circles starting from the center until it gets big. When the circles fill up a big amount of the page, Kandinsky then colours the background with whatever colour that decribes the feeling he has. LS2 was listening to differnet sounds playing in the background. We were creating circles with colours that match our emotions. We started creating circles from the center and until it gets big enough. We then coloured the background. The activity was very fun to experience. I liked the different colours people used and I also liked how I was mixing colours.   

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