Friday, 13 May 2022

Kelly sports Cricket by Kingston

 This week we had our first session of Cricket. Our coaches name was Bart. This session we learnt about catching and throwing. Before we learnt about catching and throwing we did a warm up game of batters vs fielders. The batters had to knock the ball off the cones and the fielder had to pick them up and put them back on the cones. 

Next we partnered up and threw a tennis ball to someone so they can practice catching. The catcher had to make his fingers point to the ground or to the sky depending on how high the ball was thrown and you must catch with two hands. The thrower had to do under arm throws to the catchers. Then we did a team challenge to knock over the cones, the class was split into two and the first team to knock over all cones wins. After the skills practice we played a game of non stop Cricket were you have a team of fielders and batters, coach Bart was bowling for both teams. I enjoyed this session of Cricket. Two things I need to work on is hitting the cricket ball and precise throwing.

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