Friday, 13 May 2022

Sailing by Josh

 L.I: To learn how to sail

On Monday we went sailing at Auckland Sailing Club. Our instructors Colin, Holly and Steph taught us how to assemble the sailing boat. Steph rigged one sailing boat and left it as an example so when we get stuck on our own boat we could go to the example bout and see what's wrong. After she built her boat she chose two people as an example of how to work the boat.


Secondly, when we finished our bout we had to put it in the water then get and choose the person that is steering the boat and who is controlling the boom. When we were in the water we had to follow one of the instructors named holly. She was in the power boat with an engen so most of the people couldn't catch up with the power boat. Lastly, we had lunch then got into our boats and hooked up all of the boats together. After hooking up all of the boats the main instructor taught us how and what capsising is. When we got far in the ocean we were playing, Simon says. One of the funniest was when she said pop a big manu. Then she said Simon capsized your bout so all of us did capsize. It was a fun experience at sailing. I got to learn something new and it's always fun to do something that you haven't done before. My favourite part of the day was when we all had to capsize because the difficult part was to get back on the boat. I would like to thank the St Johns Rotary for giving us the awesome opportunity.

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