Friday, 5 April 2019

Group Challenge

This week for writing Mrs. Anderson challenged us to write a response that Siri might have said in exactly 50 words. We were to answer, Why is Kokako Lodge a great place to take year 7/8 students on camp? To help us we used our camp diaries, outside the box DLO, LS2 rubric, and our camp photos. As a group, we took part in the learning conversation, by sharing our ideas with each other. To receive points we were to use the selected language features, which were simple, compound, complex sentence, a comma, correct beginning, and end sentence punctuation, an exclamation mark, simile, and brackets. If we used any of these language features we would receive 5 points. Using 50 words gave us 50 points. Extra points were added if we collaborated, communicated, used the LS2 writing rubric, camp photos, camp diaries, outside the box DLO, and if we completed it on time. Altogether our group totaled up to 95 points.

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