Friday, 5 April 2019

Avalon's Camp Dairy

This week l created a digital version of my camp dairy. l wrote about the four days that we had on camp. I remembered to use the ideas that l already had in my camp dairy and to think carefully about words and punctuation. I first started off with day 1 this day was awesome because we went on a hike up the Hunua Ranges. We saw different kinds of tree's, birds and bushes when we were on the walk. Fun fact about a Fantail is that their tail looks like a fan that's why they are called a fantail. The next day we went kayaking, Raft building and archery. l liked these activity a lot because they were water activity. My favourite one was kayaking because l liked going around in the water. My favourite activity was Abseiling because l liked coming down from the rocks.

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