Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Collage//Camp//Kokako Lodge by Viliami

This week our task was to create a collage of what we did at camp. We added photos of what we did each day. On day one we went hiking. I didn't find it fun because I was so tired. On day two it was our first rotation task and I started off, by doing archery then our next task was kayaking and it was fun it was my favorite task that whole day. Then we did Raft building. It was amazing and hopefully we can do it again. On day three I did high ropes and I was so scared when I got on the beam, but I managed to do it. I was proud of my self. We did two more activities, which were really fun, then we did pancake race in our groups, which was fun and yummy. Then we did our camp concert it was the best night that we spent at camp. I was in the baby shark group. We did the the baby shark and it was fun and funny. The next day we got to choose what to put in our sandwich for lunch. After we packed our stuff we got on the bus and went swimming. It was fun, because we had lunch there and our sandwiches were yum. Then we went to school and waited for our parents to pick us up and my mum was happy to see me.

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