Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Group Challenge by Giovanni


Today Me and Jayden made a slide and a video about Kokako Lodge. This video and slide includes Siri and Kokako Lodge. Mrs Anderson went on her phone and asked Siri "Why is Kokako Lodge a good place for a year 7 & 8"? So whe gave us a challenge which was to make a video and a slide about what Siri would say in exactly 50 words. Me and Jayden came up with: Kokako Lodge is a fantastic place for a year 7 and 8 camp because they have lots of fun activities that are also safe. You can learn something new and overcome fears while you are doing an activity. Kokako also has a stunning view (trees, and a waterfall). We also can get points for every thing that is on the board. 50 words was 50 points plus the extras which were worth 5, 2.5 and 1 point(s) (Exclamation mark, Working together and lots more). Me and Jayden had 79 points out of 100+.

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