Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sharing our thinking

Today LS2 were asked to think of ways we could reduce the use of paper in our classroom. We used Padlet to record our initial thinking. This was a great platform to use as it meant we could learn with and from each other as we could see all suggestions made in real time. Having this resource at our fingertips meant we had taken the first step in reducing the amount of paper we use and lead to a rich discussion on the topic.


  1. Hi LS2

    I really like the presentation you guys did, I also think that was a great topic to do on how to reuse the paper in classroom. Was this task apart of your inquiry work? Keep up the great work LS2.

    Regards Nesi Otuhouma from Auckland Girls Grammer School

  2. Haii LS2

    Greetings, I come in pieces. My name is Uncle Fern and I come from the room of Room One.

    I really enjoyed really reading some of your ideas on how to save paper. I agree that we need to save paper, because it's stupid that we’re cutting down on oxygen just to get paper. I saw a lot of your ideas we’re to use computers, it's obviously a good idea if u see that a lot. I also saw that you’re using a padlet, Room One uses them alot. :D Something I think we could do to save paper is, maybe for school buy as little books as you could and donate, some of the money to tree saving places. :D

    Maybe you could check out my blog. :D

    Uncle Fern~ Karoro School :D

  3. Kia ora ls2,

    I liked your padlet on how to conserve our wood, It is a good topic that needs addressing and am glad you took the time to think about it. Me and my class have also used padlet and have found it very useful as well. Also I found that your padlet is public and anyone can edit it, just so you know.