Friday, 12 May 2017

Problem solving by Zahra

In this DLO, I had to solve an equation about pizza and things. I had to figure out a strategy to this problem. This DLO has a question, a clue, and a strategy to solve the question. 


  1. Hi, my name is Ezra and I am a student from Paihia School. I really was stumped by your Pizza and things. It was really tricky. At first I didn’t get it but at the end I figured it out. You do truly have think for a strategy to find the answer. Again I find it interesting and wish to see another equation to answer.

  2. Dear Zarha,
    I was very impressed. the firt thing I'm impressed about is that you used SEATS not circles or squares. The second thing I'm impressed about is that you said Big, medium and small not just big and small.
    To be fair you didn't make any sense at this line.THE MIDDLE SIZED TABLE TWICE AS MANY AS THE SMALLEST ONE. HOW MANY CAN SIT AT THE SMALL ONE?. you didn't say how many could sit at the medium or biggest table seats.
    Your work was very good but try to stay at your age level. The work about the pizza seats was a great idea by the way. May be you could look at my blog
    Your sincerely
    J Costello