Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Teagan's Character Descriptions

Battle Of The Mountains
Mount Tongariro:
Mount Tongariro is a strong brave mountain. He a fit agile mountain that could move really quickly. He was fit and a tenacious warrior who fought for his love for Pihanga.

Mount Pihanga:
Pihanga was a beautiful mountain. Tongariro and Taranaki both fought for Pihanga love. She was a caring lady they was protective of this. She was a loving gentle mountain who didn’t want this to happen.

Mount Taranaki:
Mount Taranaki was an angry selfish mountain. All he cared about was himself. He fought with Tongariro and lost. He was a devious mountain who had had two other mountains sneak attack Tongariro. He was jealous of Tongariro and Pihanga.

Mount Tauhara:
Mount Tauhara was a sneaky little coward. He was not brave and was very chicken hearted. Him and Putauaki both came up behind Tongariro and cheap shot him. Tauhara was very romantic he loved Pihanga but knew she could never be with him.

Mount Putauaki:
Mount Putauaki was just like Tauhara except he was as romantic. He was a sneaky chicken hearted coward.


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