Wednesday, 28 August 2013

News Report by Jazmine and Deannika

Tongariro’s Sleep is Over

The last time this sleeping giant was awake was in 1897. Today just over a hundred years on I am standing in front of this volcano that local people call Mount Tongariro. The question the community is asking is why the mountain has suddenly woken up? Well it appears everyone is saying that Mt Tongariro looks depressed. The  other question I am trying to get out of my head is why is Mt Tongariro covering Pihangas mountain with all his ash?

From where I am standing now, I can see loose rocks still tumbling down Tongariro’s ash covered slopes. The eruption lasted only five minutes but for those near by, time stood still as the cloud of ash exploded out of the Te Maari crater. Although no one was injured, this morning many people are still afraid there is more to come.

The eruption took everyone by surprise. A heavy cloud now covers much of the North Island. Locals have awoken to a blanket of thick ash covering the ground. Farmers are worried about their animals as it will be hard for them to find clean food and water.

Flights have been delayed, truck drivers have been turned around and locals are faced with a massive clean up. Tourists are being advised to stay away from the area for their own safety.
In recent weeks there has been an increase in seismic activity but the eruption surprised everyone. Volcanologists have headed to the mountain in search of more information to help put minds at rest.

Locals are hoping that their sleeping giant will remain sleeping, allowing them to begin the big clean up ahead of them.

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