Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Report: Jacob

The Mount Tongariro Eruption
People ran in shock as the fierce Mount Tongariro wakes up. He was blowing the air with ash. Several flights were delayed as Tongariro was burping boulders of fire.

Local’s could hear explosions everywhere. The eruption happened on the 21 of November in 2012 in the afternoon. Following the explosions a cloud of ash fell and covered the local town like it was a blanket.The agile red hot rocks did a reverse bungy.

When the mountain erupted people were running far away from the mountain. People were packing food while the mountain was erupting. The police started warning people that Tongariro was erupting.

The damage that was caused harmed houses, cars and even animals were covered with a thick layer of ash. Even the police couldn't get to all the civilians while running with fear. Mt Tongariro eruption has also caused significant damage to a nearby tramping hut.

They heard a loud sound that made the local’s scared coming from Tongariro. Local’s didn't care when the police gave the first warning. People ran out of their homes and saw an enormous cloud of ash.

It would take many days to clean up the mess made to peoples houses. The local’s are still waiting for the ash to disappear.

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