Wednesday, 28 August 2013

News Report by Teagan

Tongariro Awakens

The people of Taupo are in shock as the mighty Tongariro awakens from his deep sleep. People watch in shock and awe Tongariro as he erupts for the first time in over a hundred years, burping boulders of fire and covering the city in ash.

Residents were all taken by surprise when Tongariro shook the ground tipping over streetlights and trees. It sounds like World War 3 was going on. People woke up and looked outside but there was no grass or a vegetable gardens, just a black darkness that has taken over their land. As I looked up and all I could see was a terrible black cloud covering the blue sunlight. The terror started at about 11:50pm last night.  The people in Taupo and cities nearby were all shaken up.  Pip James a citizen of Taupo tweeted that he could taste Tongariro.

During the eruption people near the area started to pack food and get going. The police started warning the people before the eruption but they did not heed the warning. A group of 20 year 8 students were on the mountain as it erupted, luckily they all safely returned home. Senior Volcano Geophysicist Steve Sherburn said there were no volcanic patterns and the mountain had only erupted for five minutes.

The volcano was very destructive as it shot out boulders of fire destroying the nearby tramping hut. It was burping out rocks and spewing out ash covering the city and animals too. After the terrible eruption people thought they were safe but they thought wrong. It was followed by a series of small earthquakes which shook the the city. Flights were delayed by the ash, cloud, planes and couldn’t go further than 8 miles, down below wasn’t good either as there was five cm of ash covering the roads.

People here have a long road ahead to clean up. For the people of Taupo stay strong, we are all right behind you.

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