Friday, 21 June 2013

Puke's Speech

Being Principal for a day.

Imagine being the school principal for a day.What would do?If I were principal for I would ask the teachers how and what I can do to help the students want to learn and to make learning something they  really wanted to do.

Then I would ask the student if there was anything that ,(within reason),we could do to make learning fun and something they wanted to do.Planning for the future is important so I would help the teachers set up career paths for the students.Hopefully this will help the students achieve things that they wanted to do and help them to strive for their goals.

I know good learning happens when there is involvement from both the home and school.I know parents want to be more involved so I would ask the parents how they think their children are doing at school and how the kids are getting along with each other and their teachers.Did you know that there are over 2500 principals in all of New Zealand.

It’s not an easy job knowing that you are helping guide our future teachers, doctors, policemen, principals, scientists and maybe a few politicians.Not to many of those I hope!If you were principal for a day what would you do with the children in New Zealand?I know children enjoy playing sports so I would start a one day inter-class sports competition for all classes.It won’t be our PBS teachers out there with the kids it would be ou parents  teaching studebts how to play.Hopefully this would meant that in future at intervall and lunch parents can help teach new sports like handball and touch.

Maybe one day you could be a principal. You could grow a young mind.  You could lead a great team.You could run a school. Maybe one day you could do these but today I want to do these things.I never knew that being a principal in New Zealand was such an Important job. I would like to give you break Mr Johnston and I know that for one day only, I could be a great leader here at PBS.

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