Friday, 21 June 2013

Kataraena's Speech

My Speech

Kia Ora and Greetings to everybody that is present here today. Do you  think we should have a tuck shop?  Do we need it? Do you want it?  Think of all the positive things that will be coming our way if we had a tuck shop.  Firstly.  Imagine if we had a tuck shop, kids will focus on their work, even kids might get an a+ in their reports. Who knows? By the end of the year, the school could make loads  of money and spend it on  more ICT equipment, the senior camp, extra  learning tools for the
class and more educational trips.

Secondly what if we needed money for  something like camp, and the only way to
fundraise it was a sausage sizzle day? And  still don't have enough money. What happens then?

So back to my question, do you think we should  have a tuck shop? I strongly believe we should,  because it says on the news that kids are going  to school without food so most of the kids that have no food stay at home and don't attend school.

We could also serve healthy food because as  nutritionists suggests, healthy food gives you mileage.  Not just physically but mentally  too. Just visualise the beautiful food we could have, subway type filled rolls, Soup on a cold day, fruit kebabs, salad, and smoothies  

My opinion is to have a tuck shop and make it cheap so that parent’s that can’t afford to buy food at any other place can go to the tuck shop and boom, happy kids, happy teacher’s, happy parent’s and happy learning. We could also have parent’s  being more involved with helping out.  Preparing food at school will help parent's be more aware of the importance of having a tuck shop at school and will be more aware of school life and know what their children are learning.

Many kids will starve if they have no food at school.  They won’t be motivated, and won’t focus on their work and also they don’t have to come to school wondering about what food they will be eating.  Or listening to their stomach rumble because they are hungry.

So to recap on my main points of my argument so that you are keeping up with my speech: We should have a tuck shop because of all the positives that it can bring
to us.  Mrs Anderson we will have children who are more focussed on their work and motivated to learn.

Mr Johnston you will see the benefits by looking at all the awesome equipment we can buy for the students.  your student attendance will rise because children are
keen to come to school everyday....because of the Tuck shop and food.  Our parents will become more involved in the school life

So just think about it guys, the way to a happy child's heart is through their stomach.  
Thanks for listening and I hope you learnt something new.

This is a photo of me doing my speech, it was scary but its better to get it over with it.

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