Friday, 21 June 2013

Phoenix's Speech

Reading comic books
greetings  students and teachers I am here to talk about comic books and why we should read them in schools and make it a part of our reading program  and you can make that happen

so did you know Millions of people read comics so why can't we it would fun and educational and you would learn a lot Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the library filled with comics for you to read  kids would read more often and it would be fun you would learn cool new things and it would be exiting

did you know the first superhero comic book was published in 1937 because the percent of kids in schools who enjoy reading and read is very low and this reading comics could make could raise the number and increase our reading

reading comic books will help them learn it would make them happy, they would know lots of new exciting facts you would not have to worry about reading uncool books  did you know only 56 percent  of kids enjoy reading books at school and did you know that 50 million people read comic books so imagine that in school

did you know also that the first comic book superhero was superman if this does not happen kids would stop reading imagine a world where no one knew how to read and didn't want to read i would not want to live in that world know one would be smart  
If we put comic books in schools we could increase school reading program it would be blasting to the roof kids would want and enjoy to read  just think if this happens all kids in schools would like to read  and would be very smart and would know everything about reading and comics I say yes to this because we would learn and have fun if this happens but this is not about my opinion its about your opinion and about you making this decision to change the history of our learning forever for you your children and your children’s  children so please put comics books in schools reading program thank you for listening i hope you enjoyed my speech

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