Friday, 21 June 2013

Leila's Speech

My Speech

Should teachers drink coffee in class?
I think no because why should they
get a nice hot drink and the rest of
the class just sit and watch them
enjoy it. Why should we dehydrate
desperately waiting for the bell to ring?

Do you want to dehydrate in your
classroom? Just imagine you're sitting
at your desk waiting for the bell to go
and your teacher is drinking her coffee.
Have you ever wondered if your teacher
felt sorry for you and stop drinking
coffee or have they ever seen your mouth

Well I have asked my teacher if she
would stop drinking coffee in front
of us she said “No!”. I also wonder
what if their is a world record on how
much coffee you drink? The one word
that I would describe my teacher is a

I think teachers should not drink coffee
because it is not fair on the students
that teachers get to enjoy their drink
and we just sit there all thirsty. It is also
not fair that we the students have too
wait till morning tea or lunch too get a
drink of water

The reason I think teachers should  not drink
coffee is because it has some side effects and
it is also not fair on the students.

If you are starting too drink coffee
and you have noticed it has given
you an extra boost you need to
know that if you keep drinking coffee
like 3 cups a day then you would have
these side effects: panic attacks,
irregular heartbeat, sleep deprivation,
continues stomach problems, sleep disorders,
difficult concentration, and headaches.

Why do teachers drink coffee more
than water? Do you know that coffee
has some very negative side effects and
water does not. But if you drink too much
water then there can be some side effects.

I suggest if the teachers won't stop
drinking coffee then I believe that the
students should at least be allowed
too eat like a bar of chocolate without
getting growled at, because chocolate
and coffee have caffeine in them and if
you drink too much coffee you can
get difficult concentration and headaches
too. Also if you eat too much chocolate
you can get the same side effects.

So teachers should NOT drink coffee
because it is not fair on the students
and remember teachers that you have
being saying too be a role model so
I think you too can be role models
and STOP drinking coffee. Also
remember their can be some very
dangerous side effects too drinking
too much coffee.

This is my speech I wrote. The topic was Should teachers drink coffee in class? I chose to go against so I said NO. 

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