Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Vocabulary Knowledge by Farzana

LI: To explore and extend your vocabulary knowledge. Our focus for writing was based on exploring a range of different words in order to expand our vocabulary knowledge. First we had learning conversations to explain our opinions using words in the correct context. After that, we collaborated with our partners so we could build our knowledge on four words which are: urge, commend, banter and stern. Urge is to persuade or talk someone into doing something. Commend is praising or congratulating someone for their accomplishments. Banter means to tease someone in a joking/silly way. Being stern is being strict or serious to someone. We role-played our explanations to paint a better picture of our understanding. We extended our vocabulary by collaborating with each other, having learning conversations and roleplaying our explanations. I found this activity enjoyable because we could work together in order to explore new and different words.

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