Saturday, 3 October 2015

Yvette Reflectes on our Electives Assembly

Today we had our elective sharing assembly. The different electives were science, mosaics, dance, photography, mask making, bike riding, stomp, boot camp, book club, and scrap booking. People from each elective shared their learning and some created an e movie showcasing photo's during their time at their elective. Tim and I represented our elective Mosaics. Everyone in our group had used a stepping stone as our mosaic platform. We're taking them home today! I liked watching the dance elective performance. They had performed a dance piece going along with two different songs. It was a really cool and creative performance and I enjoyed watching it a lot. It was out there and different which made it As well as everyone else! It would've been cool to see more out there presentations or something to make it more lively. If I was still in intermediate next year, I would either go to dance, science, or mosaics again. I loved watching and listening to what people had to say. The presentations were amazing and I loved the photography e movie. It was effective and the music hooked me in as well. The picture looked amazing and professional. Even though the science elective presenters were a little un-practiced, what they had done looked really fun and I would love to do it! All of the electives looked fun and mosaics was really cool and I hope I get to do things like this in college!

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