Monday, 14 September 2015

Yvette's Speech

I’m going to skip the greetings and just go straight to the issue. In my opinion the more you understand the harm this causes, the more you’ll be willing to stop it. Bullying. What does this mean to you? When you hear that word, does it trigger any emotions - provoke you, in any way? Or… do you simply look the other way?  If that’s the case, I truly hope that you listen carefully. This issue needs to be explained, because I am over bullying being swept under the carpet. It does exist! It does happen, and you need to understand that!

Bullying is a form of power that is used to make someone else feel physically and emotionally unstable. It makes them feel insecure about themselves and; makes them question every choice they make. That is plain horrible. I can’t imagine Hailey Petee asked to live in fear of what might be said about her every time she left the house. I can’t imagine why Phoebe Prince asked to hear the constant stream of abuse hurled at her each time she walked out the door. I can’t imagine Amanda Todd asked to have a private photo shared with the world. All these real people have sadly started a new life in heaven; all because of bullying.

A teacher wanted to get the message of bullying out, so she told her students to get a piece of paper, and scrunch it up. Step on it and make it as mashed up as possible; but still try not to rip it. Then the students were told to unfold the paper, smooth out the mess they had made, and see how dirty and damaged it looked. The were then told to say sorry to the paper, but even though they apologized and tried to repair it, the damage didn’t go away. They were told that the scars would never no go away, no matter how much they tried to fix it. This is what happens when a person bullies someone. They say sorry, but the scars are there forever. The damage is done. I really hope you get that message. There are unseen scars, hidden tears, the feeling of dread… Bullying hurts.

Think about the digital footprint you leave behind. Think about the things that you say. Think about the information you give. Think about the reputation you want to up hold; you only have one. It’s okay to walk away. It’s okay to tell someone. It’s okay to ask for help. I want this message to get out, because bullying has to STOP! Bullying closes the door for people and makes them think they have no way out. They lose their belief in everything - that things will never get better. They turn to their faith, and they feel like their faith lets them down. I hope you guys understand the how bad bullying is. We’ve been raised in a society of hate, discrimination, racism. How serious do the consequences need to get before bullies realise bullying is not okay? Word’s hurt…

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