Monday, 14 September 2015

Sajiha's Speech

Imagine living every day in paranoia. Knowing that everywhere you go, everything you do, you are being judged by everyone around you. Imagine, walking into a shop and having someone watch your every movement thinking you’re going to reveal a bomb. Just because I have something covering my hair, doesn’t mean I want to cause you harm. Imagine being mocked, bullied, hurt just because you don’t look like everyone around you. Have you ever wondered how it feels to think no one likes you, how it feels to sit alone. How it feels to walk a day in my shoes.

Salam, Hello, Malo lelei, Talofa Lava, Meegalaba. We have all these different greetings but yet, in the eyes of others, some of us are still different. Many choose to single out the differences, when we should be focusing on the similarities. Sadly, Racial discrimination is a worldwide problem because some people are brought up to believe their race, their beliefs, their culture and their language is superior to others.
First of all let me make this clear. We are all created equally. Under our black skin, under our white skin, under our yellow skin, there is always red blood. So why, do we look on the surface instead of looking deep inside.

Racial discrimination involves any act where people are treated unfairly because of their race color, religion or beliefs. Last week, a 16 year old schoolgirl in England was knocked unconscious as she walked to school, simply for celebrating the fact Allah is her god. Why did her attacker choose her? Well, most likely because of the black scarf around her head.

It’s time to move forward. It’s time to embrace our differences and its time racism became extinct as a word. Everyone has the right to be true to themselves. Don’t you agree?

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