Thursday, 27 August 2015

Learning to use Speech Marks: Manu, Zahn, Jacob

This is the DLO that Zahn, Jacob and I did. We made a popplet because it is very easy to use and showed our learning. The best part was we could all work on it.


  1. Hi room 5
    I like your popplet it looks like that you have pot fete in it.

  2. I like your DLO using speech marks I like all of the words you wrote Jacob,Manu and Zahn.

  3. I like your poppet about leaning to use speech marks I think this has lots of words you put in and I really like the link you put in so we can learn more about speach marks Well done Jacob, Manu and Zahn. you have did really well on that work you have made

  4. Hi guys
    The popplet is very cool and I like all the facts their are. Keep it up