Thursday, 27 August 2015

Learning to Sprint by Halatoa

Today, we had our first session with Andy today. Run Jump Throw is mainly based on running. Andy taught us about the basic rules of sprinting, which are:
  • Standing Tall
  • Looking Straight Ahead
  • Light Feet
  • High Knees
  • Cheek to cheek with arm movements
We also had a relay and a race jumping over hurdles  between each other. Andy mentioned to us to never loo at the starter as this slows us down. Mrs. Anderson also filmed us to compare us. I am looking forward to our next session next week! 


  1. Wow I like how high you jumped and also It looked like you went in to space which is cool and amazing.

  2. Wow I like your jump it looks so amazing.I like it because you went so fast and it looks like you went really high. =D

  3. Hi room 5

    Wow That looked really fun to you guys. I like that in the photo that we you guys did the running it look really cool. Keep up the good work....

  4. Hi Halatoa
    I like how you are jumping and running, keep up the great work
    By Tai