Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Key Competencies on Camp

This is a collaborative presentation created by Zeba, Nesi, and Yvette. It includes their predictions on how they might use the key competencies during camp, and how they actually used them during camp. You can see the comparisons before and after. 

This is Fine's Key Competencies Presentation that shows what I thought she needed to do before and after camp. We used these Key Competencies to stay safe,  follow our instructions correctly and make the wise choices.

Before camp Sajiha and Saruja did a presentation to predict which Key Competencies they might use at camp then reflect on what they actually used to help them follow the instructors rules and to follow the right track. 


  1. Hi Room 5,
    You did a wonderful job. We must need key Competencies at camp. You have been explained the key Competencies clearly and it very nice. I think everyone will follow these key Competencies for their camp and be good.

    Keep up the wonderful and amazing work!

    Your Sincerely,

  2. Hi room 5 I really like your camp work because you done the presentation's background and the sentence make sense.