Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"I..." a poem by Jasmine

I am awesome and friendly
I wonder what I’ll be in the future
I see everyone thats's around me
I want a new phone
I hear people talking
I am strong and confident
I pretend that I'm a vampire at home
I feel happy
I touch my hair
I worry that I will never see my friends and family again
I cry when I’m sad
I am happy and excited
I understand my friends
I say that my brother is annoying  
I dream that I’ll be the very best that I can be  
I try to make the best of life
I hope that I make awesome friend when I grow up
I wait for nothing
I am courageous and weird      


  1. Hello im shailah i like your poem you did its cool.

  2. Hi Jasmine
    Your poem is very cool and descriptive about yourself. Keep it up

  3. Hi Jasmine

    Awsome poem your wrote it is really cool and I also liked how you said I pretend like I was a vampire but try to improve your sentence what I mean is right more interesting things but keep up the good work

  4. Awesome poem Jasmine it is a great one what you wrote it is really cool.