Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"I..." a poem by Evelyn

I am confident and honest
I wonder if  aliens and dragons are real
I see the people speaking positively everyday
I want to be able to conquer my fear
I hear my family and friends having a good time
I am positive and smart
I pretend to be a millionaire and an artist
I feel my feeling growing in my life and happiness around me.
I touch my feeling exploring
I worry about if I could be a new person I might change
I cry my until my tear run out with no love
I am a powerful person and a challenging person
I understand that somethings are difficult in people’s life
I say that one day my wish will come true, one day
I dream all my dreams are real
I try to forget the hard and painful moments
I hope that I can become a brave girl and have a perfect job. Also I hope that I have the right attitude
I wait for all this moments that I have spent with my friends with last forever

I am a mysterious person full of wonder.

1 comment:

  1. i evelyn this is a really good piece of writing i like it alot keep it up