Saturday, 18 October 2014

Tui, Yvette, & Fine's Collaborative Paragraph

The Solar System is apart of the galaxy usually known as ‘The Universe’. The Solar System consists of eight planets, and more than a quadrillion amount of stars. In ancient times, people began to create constellations with the stars. Most people say that they’re able to probe the stars but do they realise stars are light years away from us, somewhere floating in lost gravity? Light Years away, Earth is spinning on its on axis. This process produces an illusion of day and night: One side of the Earth absorbs light from the Sun,  while the other side absorbs darkness. Because of the nuclear fusions happening inside the Sun, day is caused when  bright blue Sun rays hit Earth’s atmosphere, hiding stars from the naked human eyes. Astronauts who travel to space are trained so they’re able to help expand knowledge in space explorations and technology. We believe, that our solar system is unique

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