Friday, 17 October 2014

Jazmine, Shantay, Kyra, Halatoa, Jacob S & Juliano's Collaborative Paragraph

We live in the universe that is built up of many galaxies. Many solar systems make up a galaxy. In our solar system there is a Sun that shines bright in the day, but you can’t see it at night because the Sun only shines at a specific time. Our planet orbits around the sun on a 365 day axis. The further the planet away from the Sun, the longer it takes to orbit around the sun. The Solar System has 8 planets all together. The Sun is a star. Stars are actually light years away from our planet. Most stars are bigger than the sun. A group of stars is called a constellation. When we can’t see the sun at night because one side of the Earth is facing the moon.The moon is like a satellite because it orbits in Earth’s atmosphere. Over the past few years technology has changed. People have been sending out space probes and satellites to study other planets and the different suns. Satellites give us a clear understanding of planets. Space probes need to be built for the different  gravities on the planets. Astronauts are space explorers that go to planets after space probes.

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