Friday, 21 March 2014

Reading Follow Up: Yvette

This is my google draw facts on Ned's head. For reading I needed to read an article on Ned's head. After I had finished reading Ned's head I needed to record down information on his family, his crimes, where he was captured and what happened to him after he died. The story was about Ned Kelly, a man in crime. He grew up following his father steps. His father has been in jail numerous of times for stealing pigs. Ned Kelly  was hanged on june 27 1880 He was captured at the Glenrowan hotel. After his death anonymous people took apart his head and made a replica out of plaster. In the 1930s and 1940s Ned's head went missing.


  1. Hi Yvette
    I really like your Ned Kelly reading.keep it up

  2. Nice work Yevtte I think your facts about Ned Kelly is interesting and fun to read. Keep the good work up!

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    I really like your work because you put in a lot of effort and there is a bunch of good information about Ned Kelly. Keep up the nice work Yvette

    From: Samantha

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    I really like the facts about Ned Kelly It was so cool to read. Keep up the work

  5. Hi Yvette

    I really liked your Google Draw Poster about Ned Kelly. I didn't know anything about Ned Kelly, but now I do because your post was set clearly so that we all could understand it. Well Done

    By Kyra

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    I really like your work because you put loads of facts about Ned Kelly. I really like that you had a blurb that caught my attention.

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