Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Penguin Research by Jacob and Tamim

Enjoy reading Jacob and Tamim's research presentations. Both boys have done a great job at putting the facts into their own words.


  1. This is excellent Jacob! I enjoyed reading the information you found out but was more impressed by the fact you have written this in your own words. I knew the males looked after the eggs but I did not know that female penguins go into the water to get their strength back after laying eggs :-)

  2. This is a super presentation Tamim! You have tried hard to use your own words to show that you understand the information. I really like the pictures you chose as a background as they complement the facts on the page.

  3. Hi Jacob and Tamim,

    I really like your presentation. There is a lot of information. I have learnt something new by reading this presentation.

    Keep it up


  4. Hi Jacob and Tamim
    I learnt a lot form your presentations like how penguins eat squids and how penguins move their feet diagonally. You have put the information into your own words. One thing Jacob your font colour is hard to see it is very colourful just make the font a different colour.

    Keep up the great work