Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Explanation: What is Assessment? by Halatoa, Lani, Joshua, Efaraima, Donatalian, Piripi and Loti

The dictionary says assessment is the action of assessing someone or something. At school teachers use assessments to see what the students know and what they still need to learn. Are you aware that assessments used to be called tests. Things have changed since our ancestors went to school one hundred years ago. If you got lots of answers wrong you had to stand in the corner wearing a dunces cap to show everyone that you were that you got lots wrong in your tests.

At Panmure Bridge School we do assessments that tell us what level we are in Reading, Maths and Writing. We answer questions in Maths and Reading on our netbooks. Sometimes we do tests on paper like the IKAN test which tells us what we need to learn and achieve in Maths. It is easier to use our netbooks so we can delete any mistakes.

We do assessments so the teacher can help us with the questions we don’t know and this helps the teacher plan what we are going to learn. Making a mistake is ok because we can learn from each others mistakes.

Assessments help us learn new things and helps the teachers learn new things as well. Assessments show what level you’re at and what you still need to learn. Our marks let our parents know where they can help us with our learning at home.

Sometimes you do well and sometimes you make mistakes when you do assessments. You should always try your best and be focused on your work. Remember to read the questions carefully so that you answer the questions right.

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  1. Hi Joshua

    I really like your work and you have lots of facts that you have read from the dictionary that mean you have been working hard. Keep up the good work Joshua.