Sunday, 16 February 2014

Explanation: Robbie, Pah Nwee and San Tat

How an egg becomes a frog

A tadpole is a baby frog Tadpole lives in the water it is an amphibian.

Frogs lay eggs. When the eggs the baby frogs came out they are called Tadpoles.

When the tadpoles hatch they have a tall to help them swim after a few weeks they grow legs.

After that the Tadpole is nearly a frog but it still has a tail. It is new called a froglet.

Finally the froglet turns into a frog it has no tail and it can breathe on land.

Frogs live by water.  

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  1. Hey Pah N'wee, Robbie and Santat

    Nice work on your Life cycle. I liked how you explained the life cycle of a frog step by step. It was really easy to understand how frogs grew.

    Keep up the good work