Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Explanation: Asmah

Why my blog is unique

Do you remember what you did on the first day of school? I don’t but I do know all the work I have done since Year 5 because I have a blog that has everything that I have done for the past four years. A blog is a personal website which I can update each week with the work I do.  It is like a timeline that holds information that I can share with a global audience.

My blog allows me to show the work I have done individually or collaboratively. I can be anywhere in the world and I can still post things on my blog, no matter what time it is. I am able to modify and change things on my blog, for example: change the background to the colour I like, or write a small introduction about myself.

You can also access other people's blogs and leave your digital footprint by making a comment on something they have posted. When you leave a comment, you are giving feedback and feedforward, to help them take their learning to the next level.

Having my own blog allows me to keep a record of my learning. It’s like my own personal timeline that holds  special memories of my past and present work. The work I blog is like a  stage performance.The first scene is when I start my work, then comes the intermission where I complete my work. To finish the performance I publish it on to my blog, and wait for the feedback from my global audience.

There are many blogs around the world, each one different and unique. Having a blog, is a great privilege,  so remember, if you have one continue posting things on it, and if you don’t, think about creating one.


  1. Great explanation Asmah my favorite paragraph was the first one because of your hook.

  2. love your work never seen so much cool work before i love your work

  3. Hi Asmah I really like your hook in the first paragraph Keep it up your good work.

  4. hi Asmah really like your work especially your hook