Thursday, 27 February 2014

Explanation: Fine

Why my blog is unique

As strange as it may seem my blog is only 3 years old yet I have posted over 500 blog posts! Did you know that there is a cluster of schools that learn digitally from year 5 through to your last year in college. A blog is an individual personal website where you can publish your ideas and opinions.

My blog is very unique to me because it is my personal individual website. I can record my ideas and opinions onto it. Have you ever wondered if you could design or modify your own blog? Well you can! If you're a student you can ask your teacher to change the design of your blog. The theme of my blog is unique and bold.

Did you know that if I go somewhere for the holidays and I am connected to the internet I can easily upload a blog post about the fun time I am having. I can be anywhere, anyplace, at anytime as long as I’m connected to the internet and have a device.

Not many people know that as soon as I learn something new I can learn, create and share my leaning onto my blog. In my class we have 27 blogs yet each and everyone’s blog is different. My blog is unique and special because it is my individual blog.


  1. Hi Fine,

    I like how you explain how you like your blog and you thing it's unique and special. Over 500 hundred blog posts WOW!! im impressed and how you said you blog was three years old.

    Keep up the good Blogging

    From Jhardae

  2. Hi Fine looks like you did lots of work. Hope you had a great time.
    Keep up the good work.