Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Room 9's Manaiakalani Film Festival Movie

Manaiakalani Swimming from Robyn Anderson on Vimeo.

Since 2001 an average 120 people a year have drowned in NZ waters because they didn't know how to keep themselves safe. The Water Safety NZ website highlights the fact that if kiwi kids don’t learn to swim the drowning rates in our country will become catastrophic, that means really bad! In term 3 learning to swim was important for all kids at PBS. So Room 9 want to share their message that swimming at school really is, cool!


  1. I love your movie because it is fun. I like swimming because I love to dive in the water!

  2. Hi Room 9
    I like your video on swimming.
    And I like the your saw your video is cool

    From Pah Nwee

  3. I really like our movie that we all made. I think we have done a great job at making our movie and a big thank you to our students who made the lyrics, Leila and Candice.


    By Kapri

  4. I really enjoyed watching our movie, I think you guys did an awesome job swimming and singing the rules.
    Keep it up.


  5. Well done with the success you made out of your movie.
    It was a brilliant idea to sing the rules and its also a great way to remember.


  6. Well Done Room 9

    I really enjoy watching your film, I think you guys did a Fantastic job swimming and singing at the same time. Keep Up The Good Work Room 9... :)

  7. I think your movie was excellent!

    My favourite part was when you guys talked about not jumping into the pool and listen to your teacher.

    Thank you for sharing your movie with us!

  8. We think swimming is great!

    Thank you for your movie, it makes us want to go swimming again!

    We liked how you changed the words to the song and sang it yourself, we like singing!

    From Room 2 and Mrs Vercoe

  9. Hi Room 9,

    I enjoyed your movie and how you changed the original song to reflect your key message around water safety. Writing a song and keeping in time with the rhythm and beat require skill and patience. Keep up the great learning.

    Miss Paton

  10. Well done Room 9 with your movie. Your right that swimming is cool. Great work with rewriting Brooke Fraser's song.

    You look like you put a lot of work into this and it was appreciated by all the audiences who watched it today. I really enjoyed watching your movie too.

  11. Hi Room 9,

    A great film to show water safety and all you learnt during the swimming term. You all looked the part and I must say you sure have some top swimmers! Well done, great water moves and a very catchy song. Awesome photography and top marks to your teacher.

  12. Hello room 9!
    My name is bonvie, I really enjoyed watching your movie . My favourite part is swimming in the pool. Was it fun making this movie? thanks from Bonvie

  13. Hi room 9 you movie is amazing because swimming is cool and the song was you cool. I know some people that were swimming like my friend Pahnwee and Michele. Was it fun swimming because it look so cool I want to swim as well. That's a hard work.

  14. Awesome Film Room 6 Panmure Bridge
    Your Movie was creative especially doing it in the pool and also singing about the water.
    Awesome Movie Panmure Bridge.

  15. Wow Room 6 great Film it looks like you guys had a great time learning how to swim. My favorite part was when you guys were dancing in the Pool. That was funny.
    Keep the great filming up!!

  16. Wow Room 6 that was a Awesome Film you have done. I like the part when you guys were dancing and singing in the Pool. Keep the good work. :-)

  17. Hi Year Seven and Eights
    Liked the song you picked went really well with your video i was amazed i liked the way you did your camera angles it was really smart.See you in the future liked it Jacob and Teagan.


  18. Wow room 6 that was a nice film and i enjoyed it.

  19. Hi Room 9,
    I am impressed at how you were able to use the music from a popular song and use your own words in it, and words that are important for all to hear - listen to your teacher. Swimming IS cool, but you need to be safe, so do listen to your teacher at school, and your family elsewhere.
    Well done on a great movie!
    Tsana (Parent and BOT member, Glenbrae School)

  20. Hi Room 9,

    It is nice and I like that you are in a swimming pool.
    Your movie is really awesome.

    Florence, Room 2

  21. Hi Room 9! It was awesome to see you all on the big screen! Of course I love your movie and I am amazed that you wrote the lyrics yourselves. Next time Mrs Anderson will have to be brave enough to put her camera underwater!

  22. Hi Room 6 and 9 we all like your movie. I am enjoyed your song its amazing .Well done Room 6 and 9. =)

  23. Hi room 6 and 9 I liked your movie.Your song was so fantastic.It was cool when we saw you on big screen.Your swimming pool looks big.It was cool how you used your own words and the song was amazing.

    From Glen innes school Room 9

  24. Hi room 9

    Very good song it sound so cool.Good chose on the song. I hope the swimming pool comes back.

  25. Hi Room 9,

    I really like your movie and how it is sending an important message about swimming. I like swimming as well. Keep up the good work

    From Caitlin

  26. Hi room 9,

    I really like your movie and the song cause the sound of it it sounds pretty cool.I really enjoyed watching it was amazing.Keep up the great work.

    From Mere

  27. Hi room 9

    I really like your movie and nice song that you chose keep up the great work

    From Raymond

  28. Hi,
    Hi Room 9! It was awesome to see you all on the big screen! Of course I love your movie and I am amazed that you wrote the lyrics yourselves. A great film to show water safety and all you learnt during the swimming term. You all looked great and I must say you sure have some top swimmers! Well done, great water moves and a very catchy song. Awesome photography and top marks to your teacher.

  29. Hi Room 9, we are the Sommerville Special School Seniors Satellite unit located at Sylvia Park School.
    We loved the song you wrote. You look GOOOOOD in your togs :-)
    The portable pool is so wonderful, it is here at our school at the moment.
    We learned that learning to swim is fun and helps to keep you safe and protected in the water.
    Thanks for a cool movie!
    From Room 11, SPS

  30. Hi Room 9 I loved the way you put the message of water safety it's such a important point and would say well done and Hi Kahlista I'm Rosalie's mum I work at Sylvia Park school satellite class she loved your movie as well .


  31. Hello room 9, I really enjoyed the music that you used for your video. How long did it take you to make your movie?

  32. Hi Room 9, Well this movie is amazing you guys have done. It's awesome how you guys change the words from the song in to your own words. Your dance moves and actions are great. Keep it up Room 9 :)
    Whats your next movie going to be about, another amazing movie ?

  33. Room 9

    You're guys movie was awesome. I think it was really inspiring to those who don't take care of themselves in the water. I almost drowned once, when I was a young girl. So this has taught to me very careful. I hope other people take this very seriously. Do you have any other movie topics for next year? Well any way Room 9, this is a good piece of work.

  34. Hi room 9 I like going swimming and I like your movie.

  35. Hi room 9 i like your movie about swimming.

  36. Hey Room 9,
    awesome video for Manaiakalani, you made Panmure Bridge School proud. I loved the singing and watching you enjoy swimming at school is really cool! Swimming at school is cool! I loved your movie and good song choice, did the class pick it or you teacher? Keep the cool work up!

  37. Hey Room 9,
    Great movie on how to keep safe in the water. You sure will know how to keep safe in the water when you fall out of a boat of something. But there is one thing you must wear when your out in the water....... A LIFE JACKET!!!
    Keep up the Awesome work.

  38. Hi room 9,
    really like your movie! keep up the good work

  39. That was awesome I like your voices

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