Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rainbow's End by Jazmine

From where I was standing the rides looked terrifying and I felt frightened.

I was standing in front of the entrance to Rainbows End, I was with my cousins and my brother and we went there because we were being really good.

As my brother was paying for us a lady called Nicole put  V.I.P stamp on us and  Rainbows End wristband.

As I was walking through the gate my jaw dropped because the fear fall was really high, so I got into the fear fall line as my brother was holding tight.  I was getting frightened even more because the line was getting shorter and shorter.

When I heard the work “next” my stomach had really bad butterflies that were flying around.

When I got into the seat I wanted the man to push the button so I could get this ride over and done with!  The fear fall was slowly getting higher and higher and I was getting braver and braver but once we went down I was yelling and screaming.  I dropped so fast it felt like the butterflies were trying to get out at the top of my head.  
After the ride I felt happy because I faced my fears.


  1. Hi Jazmine

    I like your story about rainbow's end and I'm glad you faced your fears.
    Keep the great work up!

  2. Hey Jazmine,
    I like your story that you wrote about when you went Rainboew's End, im also happy for you that you faced your fears! =-)

  3. Hey Jazmne
    I like your story and how you faced some of your fears at rainbows end.

  4. Hi jazmne
    Your really brave because you face your fears at rainbows end.